Privacy Policy

Old School Tours, headquartered at Rua Joaquim Valentim Correia nº19 2 Dto, 2845-568 Amora, Portugal, registered as Tourist Animation Agent with RNAAT 516/2019 (hereafter 'Old School Tours'), will be responsible for the treatment and protection of your personal data.

At Old School Tours we understand that the use of your data requires your trust. We will only use your personal data for clearly identified purposes and following your data protection rights. The confidentiality and integrity of your data are one of our main concerns.

 If you have additional questions about the treatment of your data, we invite you to contact us, sending an email to

How is data collection done?

Your personal data will be collected and processed if you fill in your data in the contact and/or booking areas or through a direct collection in writing following services (tours/experiences) operated by Old School Tours.

What type of personal data is gathered, and what is the purpose of this collection?

Your personal data will be collected mainly for statistical purposes, but also used for marketing campaigns (newsletters, suggestions, news and special offers).

If we require any additional personal data, we will always be careful to communicate it to you, requesting your consent when applicable and giving you all the necessary information again so that you can understand the reason and process conditions.

Therefore, we advise you to consult our website, where this information will always be updated, so that you can be aware of the treatment done of your data at any time.

Whenever there are changes in the processing of your personal data, Old School Tours will inform you through the website or other commonly used communication channels.

(1) What type of personal data is gathered

Active data collection

This site collects information from its visitors in two ways: actively and passively. Active information collection refers to instances in which we gather information from you when you fill it in and send it to us, such as by completing a registration form, signing up for an electronic newsletter, entering a competition, or sending us a message via an e-mail reply mechanism provided by this site. Active information collection can include both personally identifiable information (e.g., your full name or information that is unique to you) and non-personally identifiable information (e.g., if we were to ask for a list of the top three things you like about our site). Passive information collection refers to instances in which we collect information from you that you have not actively provided (please see the next section of this policy for a summary of our passive information collection practices).

(a) Register and booking data: If you make a contact or a reservation through our Web Site, we may need additional information about you. This information may include your name, ID number, tax ID number, age, date of birth, telephone contact, email, address, payment details, credit card information, billing address.

(b) Client support: If you choose to contact our customer services (ex. by phone), we will collect any data, questions, complaints or other information you may send to our support team. 

(c) Promotional data: If you choose to participate in any raffle, contest or similar campaign, we will collect any information you provide in connection with such activity, such as photos, images, captions or other content, following the terms provided at that time.

When you provide us with personal information, you are informing us that they are true, current, complete and correct. You are also informing us that you are authorized to transfer them.

Passive data collection

We may use special technologies to passively collect information while you are visiting (that is, you do not actively provide this information). These technologies allow us to collect certain kinds of non-personally identifiable information, including your Internet domain name, the type of web browser you use, the operating system you use, the date and time of your visit, the specific pages you visit, and the address of the web site you visited before entering We may link this passively collected non-personally identifiable information with personally identifiable information you have actively provided elsewhere on this site.

Below we have summarized the primary means of passive information collection at our Web Site.

(a) Cookies

This site uses cookies, which are small text files that store non-personally identifiable information about you, either temporarily in connection with your Internet Protocol (IP) address (known as a temporary or session cookie, and deleted once you close your browser window) or more permanently on the hard drive of your computer (known as a permanent or persistent cookie). This Site uses session cookies so that you do not have to fill in the same information from page to page. If you elect not to receive cookies, you may be able to view some, but not all, of the content on this Site. For more information please read our Cookies Policy.

(b) Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses

This site uses Internet protocol (IP) addresses. IP addresses are unique identifiers automatically assigned to each computer when logging onto the Internet. IP addresses allow us to collect much of the same information we collect through cookies, including browser type, what pages you visit, and how long you stay on the site. In general, IP addresses allow us to identify problems with our servers, prepare aggregate demographic information and other information regarding this use of this site, and improve the functions of this site.

(2) How we collect information through other channels

We collect information from you when you call us, when you send emails or other messages to us, when we meet with you in person when you communicate with us via social media, and if you have asked another travel agent to make an inquiry on your behalf.

(3) Information about other people.

If you provide information to us about any person other than yourself, such as people you are enquiring or making a booking on behalf of, people you are travelling with, you must ensure that they understand how their information will be used and that they have given their permission for you to disclose it to us and for you to allow us, and our service providers, to use it.

(4) Sensitive personal data

Unless we make it clear otherwise, our policy is not to ask for any sensitive personal data from you (that is information about you or anyone you are enquiring or booking on behalf of) about, for example, racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, physical or mental health, or sexual life. We, our service providers, and third parties which are providing a quote or fulfilling your travel arrangements may, however, require certain sensitive personal data to provide services which you have requested or to deal with your enquiries. For example, if you ask us to arrange a special activity due to a disability, or one of your party has special health requirements).

If you choose to provide this sensitive personal data to us as part of a particular service (where such information has been requested and the reasons for that discussed with you) or for any other reason, this will mean that you have given (and we accept) your explicit consent for us, our outsourced service providers, and third parties which are providing a quote or fulfilling your travel arrangements to use that information for the reasons described in this policy, or as explained at the time you provide that information to us.

What is the retention period of your personal data?

The data collected is treated in strict compliance with the applicable legislation and are stored in a specific database created for this purpose.

Your personal data will be kept up to a maximum of 24 months from the date of consent or the last contact made (whichever occurs last) and if you have not withdrawn your consent within this period.

What are your rights as a holder?

In accordance with the applicable legislation, the data subject has the following rights regarding the processing of his / her personal data:

Right of Information

The data subject has the right to receive information on the terms of processing of his or her personal data when collecting the data or, if the data is not collected from the data subject himself, within a reasonable period after obtaining the personal data, with exceptions provided for in the General Data Protection Regulation.