Terms and Conditions

To know before you go on tour:

  • Old School Tours is not responsible for items left in the vehicles and will not accept claims or be liable for delays due to traffic or weather conditions;
  • No refund, if the client cancels less than 5 days before the tour or doesn't show on the day;
  • The tours are made in 6 to 8 seater vehicles. We have no Wifi;
  • Pick up and drop off: Tours from Lisbon - Pick up at Cais do SodrĂ© and drop off at the hotel provided they are in central areas of the city;
  • Each tour will be done in a single language to be previously defined;
  • All insurance is in accordance with Portuguese law;
  • All tours are subject to Old School Tours availability;
  • National monuments are closed on public holidays;
  • Amounts shown are based on the program set for each tour and extra costs or tips of any kind are not included.


To book a service through oldschool.tours, you must register, by filling out the online form. The reservation will be effective after payment of the full amount and an automatic email will be sent confirming the booking and its details. If the details are not correct, you can immediately request your correction or, if you wish, the cancellation of your reservation.

Reservations made by phone or email will only be considered after proof of deposit. Until that moment, you will be in a pre-booking period, which automatically ends 5 days before the tour.

When you make a reservation it does not mean that the tours are confirmed automatically. Old School Tours may need to contact the customer to confirm availability for the chosen date. If this cannot be done due to unavailability (number of seats full or other reason), Old School Tours undertakes to return the deposit. We decline any responsibility if we are unable to accept the booking for the date chosen by the customer.

Prices set on the site are based on the partnerships established for each tour and may be updated on the site and properly disclosed by Old School Tours.

Payments and Cancellations

If Old School Tours cannot do the tour for any reason (unavailability of vehicles/seats or single person), it will always present an alternative. If you do not agree or are unable to take a tour on another date or choose another tour, you will receive a 100% refund.

Direct bookings made by phone or email/website will only be considered after proof of deposit of 100% of the total amount. As long as there is no proof of payment, pre-booking will be suspended until 5 days before the tour. After this period Old School Tours reserves the right to cancel the order. Upon receipt of proof of payment, the reservation will be effective only when Old School Tours confirms the request, according to its availability. If there is no availability for the desired tour and the client refuses all alternatives presented, then Old School Tours undertakes to fully refund the reservation amount.

Any cancellation less than 5 days or no show on the day of the tour, does not allow any refund.


Travel accident insurance is included in the rates.

We remind passengers to stay in their seats while the vehicle is moving for their safety. It can be dangerous due to sudden braking or movement on uneven floors that could cause injury to passengers and others around them.

Smoking / Alcohol

Smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited inside cars, except if provided by Old School Tours. Frequent stops for walks and meals are made to provide customers with the opportunity to smoke and drink (moderately) while out of the car.